The beard is fashionable. Vintage or fashion?

It is well known that the barbs have a great ride along the story. Now, life cycles becomes booming. Many people believe that is fashionable but beards have always been there. Who does not remember a photo in black and white beards with elongated whiskers are almost laughable?

The truth is that beards are back to stay and who better to trust your hairdresser to have a great beard.There are many styles of beard but especially many types of chins; whether square, round, oblong or oval faces, each form has its own style with the work there is to know. For some people, a simple beard is like a simple haircut, but we are demanding and we know that a worthy skill of a barber is required, as the expertise of a barber when he wants to make a good hairstyle.

We are professional hairdressers and stylists, we are also barbers. If you read these lines is clear that you consider the importance of a carefully crafted image. So visit us or request an appointment for your haircut or beard.

¿Did you know that...?
We have a price list so you know in advance how much your hair.

¿Problems going to the hairdresser? If any handicapped person need our services in Sucina, we move to your home to do the cutting and styling services without increasing the price. Other services require attention on the hair salon.

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