Hairdressing products

Foam evolutionary

Fixing for all styling techniques. Two modes. Normal and strong.

11.50 €


Proffesional dye with a high rate of hair-promoting additives. Choose the color you like, or let us advise by professionals.

10.50 €

Serum Smooth

Anti-Frizz Serum for frizzy or rebellious hair. With fruits of Macadamia oil. A single application, leaving hair shiny, silky and supple looking.

12.70 €

Lacquer ecological

Ecological lacquer without gas. Its special composition and micro-diffusion system, keeps the natural look of the hair, keeping its shine and bounce. Normal and strong.

Gel Ultra Strong

Gel Ultra Strong, ultra strong fixing for a long lasting, with a glossy finish. With empowering agents for hard and aggressive styles.

10 €


Moisturizer with liposomes. For skin. Ideal for all skin types.

8 €

Revital - Depure - Shock

Pearl-shaped capsules. Food supplements for skin care and hair.

REVITAL Skin affections.

DEPURE Impurities cleaner.

SHOCK All types of alopecia.

21 € - 22 € - 21 €

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